Queen Bey can do no wrong, and although every album Beyoncé puts out is an instant hit, some songs don't necessarily get the recognition that they should. Here's a list of my top 3 most underrated Bey tracks! Do note, that some of y'all will be like huh? Everyone knows every Beyonce' song! But this is more so a list for the tracks that never really got much radio play or notoriety by the masses. 

1. Rocket - BEYONCÉ

In my opinion, any song starting with the following lyrics, "Let me sit this ass on ya" is iconic. But on a serious note, this has to be one of Bey's best R&B tracks of all time. 'Rocket' also boasts writing and producing credits from some of the biggest names in music; Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Miguel. The song is sultry, seductive and sexy!

2. Jealous - BEYONCÉ

I was shook when we heard this track from Bey! Beyoncé talks about false promises, getting revenge, and also as the title states, reflects upon jealousy. Now, could this track have been a little glimpse into the topics 'Lemonade' brought to light? I guess we'll never know! Nonetheless it's a great track! Fun fact: Lyrica Anderson from Love and Hip Hop is also a credited writer on the track. 

3. I Care - 4

'4' was my personal favourite Beyoncé album! It spawned major hits such as "Run the World", "Love on Top", "Countdown" and "Dance For You". But 'I Care' didn't seem to get the same sort of praise as those singles did. I understand that this song itself isn't a traditional mainstream song, but it's definitely one of Bey's finest.